Free Cars for Disabled People

Mobility is a human right. People with disabilities who are integrated into working life have a good chance of getting a vehicle and its adjustments financed (see car help ). But what about those who do not have a job?

Cars for Disabled People

Disabled people often face the problem of limited mobility in their projects. Lucky that there are Free cars for disabled that are tailor-made for the driver or passenger. The most common variant, as you know it from public transport, is the Einsteighilfe – so at the push of a button operated lifts and bridges that allow the loading of a wheelchair and driver. Disabilities on the hands or arms require special steering wheels or joysticks.

When preparing your application, keep in mind that the service providers must ensure that the vehicle to be purchased meets the size and equipment requirements of your disability. In addition, the installation of the additional equipment due to disability should be possible without disproportionate additional expenditure.

Also, the purchase of a used vehicle can be promoted if it meets the aforementioned conditions. In addition, the market value must be at least 50 percent of the then new price of the new car, the used car may not be older than three years on average and the mileage may not exceed 25,000 kilometers.

Depending on the restriction, people are able to drive the vehicle independently. These conversions are associated with costs, no question. But there is the Motor Vehicle Aid Regulation, short KfzHV: All necessary conversions are taken over by several payers, also disabled cars are promoted with a maximum of 9,500 euros. If handicapped persons are dependent on a driver, the converted car must be admitted to the disabled person anyway, otherwise the promotion according to KfzHV is not possible.

Support For Disabled Veterans

  • As a rule, the procurement of a motor vehicle is promoted up to an amount equal to the purchase price, but up to a maximum of 9,500.00 euros.
  • In individual cases, a higher amount is also approved if the type and severity of the disability necessitates a motor vehicle with a higher purchase price (see §5 (2) of the Motor Vehicle Aid Regulation).
  • The costs of disability-related additional equipment are not taken into account when determining the purchase price.
  • The promotion of vehicle procurement is income-dependent.
  • Subsidies from public law authorities for the purchase of motor vehicles on which a priority claim exists or which are to be paid primarily at due discretion and the market value of a used car are to be deducted from the above stated amount (purchase price).